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What is a Hedge Knight?

Hedge Knights are paid mercenaries that wandered the landscape of medieval Europe (and fictional Westeros). They fought for kings, queens, lords, and anyone else who would pay well enough. They are so named because most of their worldly wealth is in their arms and horses and they generally must sleep outdoors, under a hedge.

Like our namesake, we aim to go where other more reputable knights dare not for we are kept warm and safe by the fire of technology. We take comfort in our lonely views, which, built on a strong foundation of science, are beyond the reach of most investors and in the case of biotech, even PhD scientists. We are a medium to long term focused fund that takes advantage of this scientific knowledge gap.

Kieran and Brennan O'Dea are grandsons of legendary mathematician and Renaissance Technology trader Leonard E. Baum. Among many other achievements, Leonard E. Baum developed the mathematics for hidden markov models which form the basis of modern data analysis. Like their grandfather, the brothers each have their own unique background before making the leap into money management.

Brennan is the Chief Medical Officer of Hedge Knight Capital. He was forced to drop out of college due to an emerging combination of over a half dozen autoimmune disorders. After the repeated failure of more than a dozen professionally trained doctors, Brennan sought a different path, one whose sole focus is the objective truth in biology, physics, and the fundamental understanding of life itself. After more than half a decade of research, connecting the dots between quantum physics, biology, and thermodynamics, Brennan has developed his own unique approach to biology that has led to a tremendous improvement in his quality of life and proven incredibly accurate for predicting biotech company drug trial results.

Kieran is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Hedge Knight Capital. He holds a bachelor's degree in Physics from SUNY Geneseo, and was half a semester away from obtaining a masters degree in Materials Science at ASU when he left to play video games professionally. He climbed to the #2 ranking in Smite which at the time had a player base of over 10 million players (10x the size of the largest high school sport in the US). Prior to dropping out of graduate school Kieran co-authored two published scientific papers in the fields of astronomy and materials science (shown below).

Hubble Space Telescope Far-Ultraviolet Observations of Brightest Cluster Galaxies: The Role of Star Formation in Cooling Flows and BCG Evolution

Selective Absorption of Visible Light in Film-coupled Nanoparticles by Exciting Magnetic Resonance

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